Funky Austin Wedding Celebration // Liz + Travis

Liz and Travis's wedding celebration was such a joy to photograph! It was incredibly fun, utterly amazing, and quintessentially Austin!

Travis proposed to Liz on a Christmas vacation in Mexico in December, and when they got back to Austin, they went to the courthouse and eloped. A celebration was surely in order, so a few months later, they threw an intimate party full of love and laughter at Green Gate Farms, a small urban farm on the far east side of town (that also happens to be one of my favorite spots in Austin). It was the perfect environment for a laid-back yet festive celebration. Kids ran around with free-roaming chickens and climbed trees. Guests chatted while pouring Live Oak and ABGB craft beer (from a the greatest keg tap I've ever seen), played giant jenga, threw bean bags, and chowed down on delicious tacos al pastor from a local food truck. 

Just before sunset, Liz and Travis had a good friend say some sentimental words about their new life as husband and wife. They stood in front of the historic big red barn, as friends and family from all over the country looked on with genuine happiness. It was truly lovely to see a couple choose to celebrate in a way that sincerely meant something to them with the ones they love.

Cheers, Liz and Travis! Here's to many happy years together. 

Springhill Pavilion Wedding Photography // Hilary + Walt Married

This gorgeous wedding was Montana in spirit with a shot of southern charm. Walt, who hails from Georgia, had much of his family in attendance making for lively hospitality and gregarious laughter throughout the night. This spirit was amplified with authentic southern cuisine complete with cheesy grits, sauteed Brussels sprouts, and peach ice-cream made with love by Joe, the proprietor of Roost Fried Chicken and Victory Taco here in Bozeman. Of course, this was primarily a Montana wedding (yes, there was huckleberry ice-cream too) nestled at the foothills Ross Peak in the Bridger Range, and taking place at the historic Springhill Pavilion, which was built 17 years before Montana became a state! Back then, people came from miles away on horseback, by buggy, and on draft horse-drawn sleds to attend the weekly Saturday night dances. All night, my mind drifted back to that time 100 years gone as The Dirt Farmers belted out the whines and yodels of early American roots music, while children slid across the well-worn floors, and sound filled the old walls of the dance-hallThe natural beauty of the place was only made richer by Kate of Lukas-Trudeau Event Co. who's lovely floral arrangements left me wishing the night and celebration didn't have to come to an end. 

In any case, a time was had by all that won't soon be forgotten :)

To Hilary and Walt! Your joy for life, zest for the outdoors, and, above all, love for one another, is remarkable, and there is no doubting that you will live long lives, happily married, fully alive and in love. Cheers! 

Blog Music: Rayland Baxter -The Mtn Song (feat. Caitlin Rose)
Venue: Springhill Pavilion
Flowers and Event Coordinating: Kate w/ Lukas Trudeau Event Co.
Food and Ice cream: Joe w/ Roost Fried Chicken and Victory Taco
Band: The Dirt Farmers