Our Move to Bozeman | Choosing Gratitude

Today marks four full weeks of living in Montana. It’s strange to explain how we feel so at home and yet we are still so new to this place. The mountains are a constant vast and awe-inspiring presence, but how quickly they have become familiar friends. We have already begun to worry that we don’t appreciate them enough--that we should be marveling at them more often. But then we realize the beauty of living in such a grand place is that you can never fully appreciate its loveliness. You constantly have to remind yourself to look out the window and take in the beauty, to deeply inhale the comforting steam rising from your tea and choose to feel gratitude for this vision you somehow get to exist within.

It’s been glorious and crazy and the only thing that could have kept us sane, moving here. As freelance artists, we can’t confidently say where the next year (heck, couple months) of income is coming from. But we knew that we had to try. That we couldn’t let our fears keep us from following a wild dream to pursue mountains, rivers, inspiration, like-minded people and, really, a life.

But even in this magnificent land where we constantly feel like we're stepping into a postcard, things can normalize. You forget to pause and enjoy the mountains. And when you forget to pause, fears, worries and monotony start seeping in. Suddenly your mind is rattled by thoughts of future paychecks and what you’re apparently lacking and how you probably aren’t good enough to make it, anyway. Sheesh. Already, in four weeks these insecurities are happening?

Of course they are. We have learned a big lesson in following our dream across the country. We have learned that even in the midst of your dreams coming true, you have to actively choose gratitude. You have to chase thankfulness down and remind yourself of how good you have it! It is far too easy to compare yourself to other folks when you run a wedding photography business. But that is no way to live. So here we are, practicing gratitude for all that we’ve been gifted with, and encouraging you to do the same.

We’re grateful for…

So much public land in Montana! It’s so beautiful that everyone can have access to such scenes here. (Cue This Land Is Your Land) We often feel like we’re on vacation here, and have to remind ourselves that the move is permanent. (Note: Some of these photos were snapped from our iPhone, but hey, sometimes it's just lighter than our cameras.)

Small-ish town living. Bozeman is big for Montana and has plenty of city amenities, but compared to Texas cities, it is a charming town. And we love this about it.  A couple of these photos feature our neighbor's horses, Outlaw, Mirage and Sammy. Our neighbor graciously allows us to ride his horses through the streets of our neighborhood every so often. That's just one example of how warm and welcoming the folks of Bozeman have been toward us, and we're so thankful! 

Each other. Our friendship and marriage has only grown sweeter and deeper through moving, which can bring a lot of stress and anxiety out. It’s been wonderful to talk each other through fears and insecurities and come out stronger, together! And also having a constant friend to drink PBRs and eat pizza slices together with is a huge life bonus.


What are you grateful for? We'd love to hear from you!

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