Rachael + Sean Married | Montana Wedding Photographer


I really couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to kick off the summer season. Rachael and Sean got married at a family ranch just outside of Helena in what amounted to be a distinctly Montana wedding, and a distinctly intimate family affair. For starters, the rings exchanged were created, cast, carved and molded, by Sean’s incredibly talented mother. In addition, much of the food and ambiance was created by Rachael’s Italian family, and man, was it great! Italian sausage, hand-made bread, pasta, salad, wine…it’s making hungry just thinking about it. And then there were grandma's Italian cookies, the recipe of which is shared only with one other family member, and they're not saying a thing. All of this was enjoyed among much laughter, love, and pinging glasses with declarations of “Un Bacio Per La Sposa!” (a kiss for the bride!)

The setting of this celebration was beautiful also, if not a bit rugged. Fortunately, there were ample four-wheelers and ATV’s on hand to transport guests over rough roads and mountain streams to the ceremony location just outside a lovely aspen grove.

The highlight for me was Rachael’s grandparents who have been married 65+ years. I am ever eager to ask people married this long if there is a secret to a long and happy marriage, and I am always surprised to hear the most obvious advice — "just keep loving" or “never go to bed angry with one other.” But I just loved the advice that Rachael’s grandfather shared with me. He said, “there has to be three people in every successful marriage, the bride, the groom, and God. God always comes first, and if you do that, then you won’t have any problems staying married or being happy."

To this I say, Amen!

God bless your family, your marriage, and your life together Rachael and Sean!

… and Evviva Gli Sposi! Per Cent’ Anni!!

Music - Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud" 

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