Montana Ranch Wedding Photographer // Ashley + Matt Married

This weekend. This wedding. Stepping into it was like stepping into an oasis of rest and refreshing sincerity. It was everything I love photographing, and reminded me of why I love my job so much.

As soon as I read the first email I received from Matt and Ashley, I knew they were a special couple. They briefly described a non-traditional wedding tucked into the deep woods of Montana. Their wedding was to be a time spent celebrating with family and dear friends at their parent's home in Montana. It was also a time of beautiful self expression for the two of them--who are both creatives living in LA. They merged their California sensibilities with their Montana & Minnesota upbringings, which made for a glamorous yet laid-back celebration nestled in the rustic mountain backdrop. Amazingly, the bride, groom and their family and friends put the entire wedding together, from the food to the decorations. The whole event was truly a labor of love, which made it even more meaningful.

The weekend reflected the love that Matt and Ashley share so perfectly. They are extraordinarily stylish, artistic and interesting, yet they are so easy to be around--the kind of people you'd be comfortable chatting with on the porch for hours. It's no question to us that their marriage is going to be both elaborately beautiful and so heartfelt, much like their wedding.

Matt and Ashley, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your marriage journey! The honor was all mine, and I will always look back on your special day with such fond memories. Congratulations to you both, and enjoy your life together.

Song: "From the Morning" by Nick Drake
Venue: Private Residence
Dress: Couture design by Helen Castillo (black) & Kate Moss for Top Shop (silver)
Event Design, Floral & Food: Custom-made by bride & family

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