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Weddings trends tend to come and go quickly. (Hello, Pinterest. No judgement, we use it too). While most of them are a lot of fun, there are plenty that, to be honest, start to feel a little bit hollow. That's why we were thrilled when we heard about Gangbusters Pottery's custom dish sets that ceramic artist Ryan Mitchell creates for couples. Gangbusters' tagline is "functional soul"--because it strikes the wonderful, rare balance of something extremely useful that also has a lot of heart and sentiment behind it.

Here's how it works: Ryan gets together with soon-to-be-married folks and consults with them about creating their own set of unique dishes. This is so fun because you are able to collaborate on the creative process with him. Then, Ryan hand-makes a set for you that really reflects your personality as a couple. That's what we love most about Gangbusters' wedding collections--the pieces were specifically created with you, as a couple, in mind.

We had the pleasure of visiting Ryan in his studio, and were instantly greeted with his kind smile and his happy dog. The studio is a big, sprawling space filled with clay, kilns, finished pottery, and loads of creativity. We enjoyed getting to hang out with Ryan in his element, while he molded clay and chatted with us about his work.

The pieces Ryan creates are artwork, and they have the potential to become beautiful heirlooms. It's such a wonderful thought to imagine a couple's wedding pottery becoming the plates they use year after year for holidays gatherings and celebrations, for anniversaries and even simply for a comforting cup of tea. Every time someone asks you about your ridiculously cool plates/mug/pitcher/etc (which they inevitably will), you'll get to reminisce about your wedding day all over again, and consistently be reminded of your love for one another. That's a beautiful thing.

We highly recommend Gangbusters Pottery to anyone looking for a unique, meaningful and lasting way to celebrate your love. 

Our suggestions:

+ Have Ryan create a custom set for you and your fiancé, and put it on your wedding registry. 
+ Order custom whiskey cups for your groomsmen gift. It's actually pretty hard to imagine a cooler gift. 
+ Looking for the perfect "thank you" gift for guests at your intimate wedding? Have Ryan create an order of mugs for you! That way they'll think of you fondly every time they enjoy a nice, warm cup of java.
+ Looking for a special way to display your cake on your wedding day? Ryan makes gorgeous, unique cake stands that you can keep after the wedding! 

Thanks Ryan, for letting us check out your studio and your beautiful craftsmanship! Oh, and for letting us hang out with your dog. :)

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