Maggie + Charlie Engaged | Lush Gardens, Petit Pies and True Love | Austin Wedding Photographers

Maggie and Charlie are such a precious duo. I had the joy of working with Maggie at a summer camp many moons ago. She was getting her master's in social work at the time. Yes, she is one of those amazing souls committed to loving and helping people even when it's tough (especially when it's tough). When I learned that she met a fella through her social work classes, it made all the sense in the world. It's amazing to see two incredibly selfless people fall in love. And yes, while they are busy being amazing life-changing people from 9-5, they are also an absolute blast to be around! We had such fun traipsing around town with them, cracking jokes to make them smile and watching them eat pie so adorably. (Who actually looks that cute when eating? They do.)

We love you two! We are so excited for your lives together! Now go change the world with your sweet love. :) 

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