A Big Announcement : Votive Photography Moving to Montana | Bozeman Wedding Photography

It is with the happiest hearts that we share some news with you this afternoon.

Over the past eight months, Ty and I have made several significant life changes. We graduated college, got married, started a business, moved into our South Austin studio apartment, and of course, adopted our beloved Nutter Butter. We have enjoyed our first (almost) year of marriage/business tremendously, learning innumerable lessons—pertaining both to Votive and to life. And as exceedingly happy as we have been in Austin—shooting a slew of amazing, amazing weddings and portraits—we’ve felt something stirring in our spirits: a gentle but indelible push to set out to a new place together.

After much time, prayer and consideration, we feel led to a town called Bozeman, Montana. We will be moving there in mid-July! During our remaining four months here, we’re thrilled to shoot seven more weddings and quite a few portrait sessions. And of course, to take in all the delightful treats that Austin has to offer.

We are beyond grateful to our clients, friends and family for their support and encouragement. In that spirit of gratitude, we’ve pulled some photos from the past year (or so) that demonstrate what makes our job such a joy—the priceless moments we get to commemorate and the people we are so privileged to collaborate with.

Thanks for a beautiful beginning, Texas. And here’s to the future, Montana!

We’re ready for our next grand adventure. :)  


“Who has not felt the urge to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence?" – John Muir

“Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans.” – John Steinbeck

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