Will + Khrystyne Wedding, Wildflower Barn, Driftwood, Texas

We were so blessed to be a part of Will and Khrystyne's wedding day. Not even the Texas heat could distract from the sweetness of their ceremony and reception. But what really makes this wedding special to us is the fact that both Will and Khrystyne are dear friends of ours.
Will and Khrystyne kept the day simple and centered on love. The Wildflower Barn served as a beautiful backdrop for a laid-back, lawn-oriented celebration. Their ceremony was a beautiful picture of their faith. After the ceremony, a pot-luck picnic was held on the grass. Guests brought delectable food dishes in lieu of gifts.  In addition to this, most of their wedding decor was completely handcrafted. From the bouquets, to the picnic baskets, to the boutonnieres--the couple carefully created every last detail. It was truly a gorgeous labor of love.

The day was beautiful because it was so authentically them. Their wedding was a tranquilly blissful event that all the guests were invited into. It was such a joy. 

Congrats, Will and Khrystyne! The world is truly a better place with the union of such selfless and genuine hearts as yours.


Slideshow of a Texas DIY wedding at the Wildflower Barn in Driftwood, Texas located just outside Austin. Song by: Josh Garrels. Title: Little Blue 

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