A Road Trip to Remember: Our Romantic Pacific Northwest Honeymoon

We have been married for just under a month now! We are so excited to start our life together--and Votive Image is an integral part of that.

The first two weeks of our marriage consisted of a magical road trip along the Pacific Coast. We began in San Francisco with our wedding held in the city's breathtaking City Hall. We explored chilly San Francisco for several days, with all of its quirky stores, scrumptious food and vibrant yet relaxed streets. We quickly fell in love with the city. It will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Then our road trip officially began! We meandered north along the awe-inspiring California coast, with its dramatic cliffs and ancient redwoods. Each roadside turn-off was more beautiful than the next! We found so many treasures along the way: blackberries, sea glass, and even sweet ocean succulents.

As we ventured into Oregon, we discovered bustling seaside towns whose fishing industry is alive and well. After one last chilly day on the Pacific Northwest coast, we journeyed inward toward Portland--Austin's sister city! (Or so said a friendly sandwich vendor at Portland's famous Saturday Market). 

Just north of Portland, we set out to discover more scenic landscapes. It was our lucky day, because we serendipitously stumbled across a lavender field! Our ultimate destination was Seattle, so we kept north and were eventually greeted by the Puget Sound.

Then came my (Amanda's) favorite day! We booked a night in Treehouse Point just outside of Seattle in Issaquah, Washington and stayed in "Trillium," a treehouse that has 90 windows! We explored the magical forest surrounding the treehouses and even took a dip in a very, very chilly mountain stream. The night ended with a campfire, wine, and a cozy stay nestled among leaves and branches.

The next day, we headed into the heart of Seattle and over the next several days, we explored Pike Place Market, lazed on the Sound, found the Fremont Bridge troll, and hiked Mount Rainier. We had such an amazing time, but as our honeymoon came to its end, we were beyond thrilled to get home to Austin, Texas and begin our new life!

Now we are launching a wedding + portrait photography business together. We are so excited to combine our talents and experiences for something we both love to do. We can't wait to collaborate with future clients and grow our creativity! We will be sure to share what we are up to along the way.


- Ty + Amanda