Summer Inspiration Shoot: Lick Ice Cream and Town Lake, Austin, Texas

As soon as we launched Votive, we knew wanted to create a summer inspiration shoot as a way for us to creatively express the "feel" of Austin in the summertime. We asked Breighl to pose for us (because she is a pleasure to work with and absolutely stunning) and she agreed! We brainstormed some of our favorite things about summer in this city, and it really boiled down to a few things--sunshine, color and cold treats.

We hope these images convey many of the things Austin is to us: vibrant, colorful, warm, serene, fun, and well--delicious!

 *A special shout-out to Lick Ice Cream, whose ice cream we used as a scrumptious prop for our inspiration shoot. They are an incredible local business that only uses pure, whole ingredients. With flavors like dark chocolate with olive oil & sea salt and lemon lavender, we highly recommend them!*

Votive Photography